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20 Minute Burpee Challenge

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This Strength and Conditioning workout is sure to get your heart pumping. In fact it’s more of a challenge than a workout. Every minute you’ll do one more burpee than you did the last minute, until you do 20 burpees in one minute. Good luck!


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys. Jason here at The Arena. I got a little workout for you today. But today is going to be another challenge day. Today, all we’re going to do is burpees for 20 straight minutes. We’re going to do every minute on the minute.

It’s going to start off kind of slow. The first minute, you only do one burpee. And the next minute hits, you do two burpees. The next minute hits, you do three burpees. So you get where it’s going. It starts to get hard when you get around 10 minutes and all of a sudden you have 10 burpees to complete in that next minute. And the next minute after that’s going to be 11 burpees. And then it’s going to be 12. Do I expect you to get this done in 20 minutes? Maybe you won’t. The goal is to try to get that 20 and try to beat it before that minute ends. See if you can get this done.

All right, guys. The first minute’s hitting. I just got one burpee. Now I’m going to rest until I hear that bell hits. Oh, it just hit again. Now I got two burpees. And I’m going to rest whatever time is there. Wait for that bell to hit again. It’s the third minute, so that means I have three burpees. And so on and so on until you can’t go anymore or you’ve reached that 20 minutes.

All right guys, remember. This is a challenge. This is going to test your mental toughness. It’s not just mere fatigue that sets in. You’re going to want to give up in here. Just keep pushing as long as you can. And don’t cheat your burpees. Make sure your change touches the ground every time, those feet come back flat and we jump with our hands over our head.

I hope you guys enjoy this. Stay tuned for some more workouts.  

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