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20 Minute Kettlebell Workout

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Here’s another every minute on the minute workout you can do with a kettlebell. This will hit your whole body and help take your strength and conditioning to a new level.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here, another workout for you today. Today, we’re going to do every minute on the minute for 20 minutes. Today’s going to be a little bit different though; this time we have two exercises to do per each minute, whenever rest is your rest, when the next minute hits, we have another two exercises to do. There’ll be a total of 10 exercises in this one. You will need a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this.

All right guys, in the first minute I have five burpees and eight flutter squats. I’ll start off with my five burpees, try to get them done as fast as I can. I just got my five burpees done. Now I’ll do flutter squats. Flutter, flutter, squat. We got eight of these. Once we’re done with that, we rest.

On our next minute, we have high pulls on each side. So a nice swing, pull it back, punch it out. We have four on one side. We’ll do four on the other. Right after I’m done with my high pulls, I’m going to go right into bent over rows. Four on one side, four on the other side. When I’m done, I rest.

All right, so I have five Persian presses on each side. Remember, drive to those heels, get those hips up, and just press that bell all the way up, all the way down. Five on one side, five on the other. When I’m done with that, I just got five plyo pushups and then I rest.

So for our next minute, we have 10 Russian twists. It’ll be 10 total, five on each side. Get those legs nice and straight, touch the mat, back on the side. One, one, two, two, three, three, all the way to 10. When I’m done with that, just roll over to my back and we’ll do some flutter kicks. We’ve got 20 total on these.

So for the last round, I just got 10 good swings. Remember, pinch the hips guys, squeeze the butt at the top, just chest height. I’ve got my 10 swings, we’ll widen those legs, sumo [inaudible 00:02:02] high pulls, snap those hips, pull that bell right under chin, those elbows nice and high. When I’m done with these, I’ll rest until the next minute hits.

All right guys, just to close it out you can use a kettlebell or a dumbbell or a milk jug or a bucket, whatever you have handy for a dumbbell or a kettlebell. I hope you enjoy these workouts. Stay tuned for some more guys.

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