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25 Minute EMOM Bodyweight Workout 01

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Coach Jason has another great Strength and Conditioning workout for you, and it doesn’t require any equipment. It’s all bodyweight exercises and will take you 25 minutes.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason, here at The Arena. We’ve got another workout for you today. Today we’re going to do Every minute on the minute for 25 minutes. We have five different exercises we have to go through for 25 straight minutes. All right, so we have a 32nd handstand. We’ll walk up that wall. We’ll start right here. If this is all you can do, you can hang out right here. If you want to get a little further up that wall, get as far as you can. If you can get all the way up, that’s great. And make sure that core is nice and tight. You shouldn’t be flexing into the wall. We’re just going to hang out here for 30 seconds.

All right guys. So we have 15 burpees to complete in one minute. Remember, we want to get done with a little bit of rest, so you’ve got to go through these fast. All the way down, all the way up. If 15 is too many for you to get done, give 10 a go.

All right, so next up, we’ve got 30 seconds of a body hold. We’re going to layout, put those arms all the way out, toes all the way up. Lift up. We should just be on our butt and our lower back and hold this as long as you can. If you’ve got to take a break, give it a break, get back up for those 30 seconds.

So the next minute we have seven knees to feet and we’re going to have to jump to this, so when our feet touch the ground, we’re exploding as fast as we can. So hop to our feet, with a big jump, back down. If that’s too hard, we’re going to that club press hop. We’ll hop out, and jump. Back down, big jump. You’ve got seven of those, if it’s too hard, cut it down to five.

All right, so we’ve just got a 30 second wall sit. Remember you have a guaranteed 30 second rest after this one, so make sure you hold this wall sit the entire time. Don’t rest on those legs. Sit nice and tight against the wall, you’re holding that wall up. We’ll just hang out for those 30 seconds.

All right, guys, keep in mind this is for 25 straight minutes. We have five rounds of this, five different exercises. If you have to cut any of the times in the timed ones or cut any of the repetitions down, feel free to do it. Just try to get it done and stay tuned for more workouts.

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