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25 Minute EMOM Bodyweight Workout 04

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Coach Jason is back with another grueling Strength and Conditioning workout you can do at home. It’s all bodyweight exercises so you won’t need any equipment. Get after it!


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hi guys, Jason, here at The Arena. I got a workout for you today. Today, we’re going to do Every Minute on the Minute for 25 minutes. We have five different exercises. It’ll consist of five rounds. It’ll be all body weight too, no kettlebells, no dumbbells required.


All right, so for the first minute, we have eight Knees to Feet, plus the Tuck Jump. So, we’re going to hop to our feet with a big explosion. Then we’ll go back down, and repeat it. You got eight, one minute to do it in. If those are too hard, get down to that quad press position, and then pop up. We’ll just do it just like that.


Our next step, 30 seconds of Hand Release Push-ups. You have to watch the clock on this one. For 30 seconds, we go all the way down, we release those hands. Press all the way up. All the way back down. Get that full range, guys. For 30 seconds, see how many you can get.


All right, so next minute hits. We got eight Lateral Lunges on each leg. So, we have one and one. Work yourself down there nice and slow, guys. Just don’t try to get low right off the back. Let yourself warm up a little bit. Just try to keep that chest up. And, you got one minute to get eight on each side.


All right, so we’ve got 30 seconds of Half Burpees. No jump, no push-up just down, back up. Make sure you’re standing nice and tall, and back down. Just got that for 30 seconds.


All right, so the next minute and the last one, Alternating V-ups. Opposite arms, your leg, we’ll meet up in the middle. Come back down to me. One, one, two, two, three, three, all the way to 10, and then rest.


All right guys, remember this is five rounds. Maybe 25 minutes is too much, drop it to 20 minutes. You can adjust the numbers, and you can adjust the times in those 30 seconds. Just make sure we’re doing full range with good form. Stay tuned for some more workouts, guys.

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