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25 Minute EMOM Bodyweight Workout 02

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In this workout you won’t need any equipment because it’s all bodyweight exercises. Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Salazar shows 5 different exercises to do every minute on the minute for 25 minutes.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, Jason, here at The Arena. We got another workout for you today. It’s going to be every minute on the minute. So I need you to set a timer for 25 minutes. We’ll work for 30 seconds and rest for 30 seconds.

So first up, burpees, make sure that chest touches the ground. Feet come back flat, stand tall and jump. Remember, we’re going to keep doing this until we hit that 30 seconds.

So next up, we got prison squats, hands behind your head, and then we’ll squat. It’s going to help you learn how to keep that chest up. Remember you got 30 seconds. Try to get as many as you can.

All right guys, next up is wall sit. Be sure to get nice and low. If I put a marble in my leg it would roll back into me. We’re pressing into that wall, no hands or elbows on the legs. Just hang out right here. Try to think about anything else besides your legs burning.

So next up, guys, is flutter kicks. Nice straight legs, big kicks. And you do have this for 30 seconds so pace yourself. You want to make a little bit harder, arms behind the head, raise up off that ground. Just keep holding. Just like a body hold.

We’re going to do a handstand. Just walk yourself back up into that wall as far as you’re comfortable. If this is it right here. Stay right here. If you can get all the way against that wall, get against that wall. Just hang out.

Hey guys, just so you understand, each exercise will be for 30 seconds on and then resting for 30 seconds and we move on to the next exercise. After we get through all five exercises, we do go through this five times, so it’s basically five rounds.

So stay tuned for more workouts. Plus The Arena is working on an online instructional platform for all of our programs at, which will be coming soon. So make sure, guys, stay safe. From The Arena, we all appreciate your support and we can’t wait to have you back into our gym.

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