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25 Minute EMOM Bodyweight Workout 03

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Today’s Strength and Conditioning workout will require a ketttlebell or dumbbell for one of the exercises, but the rest are all bodyweight. It’s 25 minutes total and you don’t need much space, so you can do it at home.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here at The Arena. Got another workout for you today. Today, we’re going to do every minute on the minute for 25 minutes. That means we’re going to have five rounds to do. We’re going to work for 30 seconds at a time per exercise with a 30-second break before the next minute hits and the next exercise begins.

So first on the list, we’ve got Burpees. Make sure we go down, touch that chest, bring those feet back flat, stand up and jump. Get those hands at least over your ears. Find a good pace that you can keep going for 30 seconds.

All right, next up, we’re going to do High Knees, but if you have dumbbells, we’re going to use those. We’ll start one arm up, one knee up, same arm’s going to be down, and just replace and pick up the speed. So if you don’t have those dumbbells, same thing, but you better be going faster.

Okay. So next up, we have 30 seconds of Kettlebell or Dumbbell Rock Backs. What we’re going to do, we’re going to take a seat, rock all the way back, use those feet, shoot ourselves back, stand full up. It’s like doing a squat, a little explosive. You’re going to do the same thing, guys, with a dumbbell.

So now we’re going to do a 30-second Body Hold. We’ll lay flat on our back, arms extended, legs extended. Just raise up enough to where you’re off the ground. The only thing that should be touching right now is your lower back and your butt. You just hold.

And to close out the round, we’re going to do some Lateral Lunges. Take your time on these ones. Warm up a little bit before we try to get all the way down there. Important thing is the toes always facing out, never the direction you’re going. Just get nice and low, keep that chest up.

So there is five rounds of this, guys, and remember everything’s for 30 seconds. You get a guaranteed 30-second rest. Maybe the 30 seconds is a little too much for you; do 20 seconds, give yourself a 40-second rest.

All right guys, stay tuned. We’ll be having more workouts posted for you every day, Monday through Saturday. Hope you guys are enjoying them. Remember, stay active, stay safe. We’ll see you soon.

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