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25 Minute EMOM Workout with a Kettlebell

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For this Strength and Conditioning workout you’ll need a kettlebell. It’s 25 minutes long, working every minute on the minute. Finish each exercise as fast as you can and rest for whatever time in the minute is left.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here at the Arena. We got another workout for you today. Today we’re going to do every minute on the minute for 25 minutes, so we have five different exercises, you basically have one minute to complete that exercise. Whatever time left is your rest before the next minute hits and move onto another exercise.

All right, so for our first minutes, we have Kettlebell high pulls. It’s a swing, but as you swing it, we pull it back, punch it out. Make sure that elbow is nice and high every time we pull it back, punch I back forward, you have eight on one side, eight on the other.

All right so the next exercise and the next minute will be 30 seconds of burpees, which means you have a guaranteed 30 second break after this one. Make sure every time guys, chest touches the ground feet come back flat, stand up tall and jump with this hands over your ears, and just try and see how many you can get in 30 seconds.

All right, next minute hits, we got 15 goblet squats, remember heels shoulder width apart, point those knees out, keep that chest up, get to depth. Make sure you’re doing a full runners squat guys, all the way down, all the way up. Squeeze that butt at the top. You have 15 of these.

All right, so we have a 30 second wall sit. We’re going for 30 seconds, get all the way down, if you put a marble on your leg and roll back into you that’s good depth right there, don’t rest your elbows or your hands on your legs, just push yourself back into the wall like you’re holding it up from falling down. Stay here for 30 seconds. Think about anything else besides what you’re doing.

All right, so now we got 10 donkey kicks to do. This is a little hard, so for beginners, just get to here. Move up a little bit, kick those legs. You got 10 of those.

All right, so that will wrap up one round, we still have four more to do. Remember, if this is too hard for you, you can make it 20 minutes, you can make it 15 minutes, or just give the 25 minutes a shot.

All right guys, I hope you’ve been enjoying the workouts. Stay tuned for more workouts. We’re going to keep posting workouts as much as we possibly can, until we can get you back into our gym.

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