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25 Minute Full Body Workout

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Coach Jason is back with another Strength and Conditioning workout for you. It requires a kettlebell and 25 minutes to get it done.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason, here at The Arena. Got a new workout for you today. Today, we’re going to do every minute on the minute for 25 minutes. So we have five different exercises to do, and you have one minute to complete that exercise. Whatever time left is your rest before that next minute hits and we hit the next exercise. You will need a kettlebell for this or a dumbbell.

All right guys, first exercise on the list, we’re going to do some kettlebell squat cleans. So hold that kettlebell, make sure you’re nice in squat position here. We’re going to go straight down, don’t bend over, keep that chest up. Use those hips to launch that bell up with a shrug, and we’re going to squat right back down to beat the bell, real speed.

All right, next hit guys, we have 10 donkey kicks. Remember, use your fingers to keep you from going all the way over, but we want to try to extend up as much as we can. It’s almost like doing a handstand. If that’s too hard, but make sure you use your fingers to keep you from falling over, just like your toes.

All right. We got 15 hand release push-ups. Now, if 15’s too much, you can do 10, but we want to go all the way down, release those hands, don’t put your hips on the ground, press all the way back up. You got 15 of these.

All right, next minute hits. I’ve got 20 big swings. Pop those hips. Stand nice and tall. Squeeze that bell at the top. That bell should be driven up by those hips. Your hands are like ropes and hooks, 20 big swings, and then I’ll rest.

All right, so for the last one, right before we end this round, we’re going to do 50 total flutter kicks. So it’s 25 per leg. Hands are on the butt. Nice straight legs, big kicks. You want to make this harder? Put those hands back, raise up like you’re in a body hole, and we’re kicking. So 50 big kicks. When you’re done with that, whatever time left is your rest.

Hi, guys, remember this, it’s five rounds, 25 straight minutes. Remember if you have to make any adjustments, please make the adjustments. If you don’t have a kettlebell, you can use a dumbbell. If you don’t have that, improvise, get a gallon of milk, get a bucket, whatever you needed to use. And I’ll see you guys later for some more workouts.

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