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3 Round Dumbbell Circuit Workout

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Here’s another strength and conditioning workout you can do using a dumbbell. It’s 3 rounds followed by 7 minutes of body holds.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here at The Arena. Got another workout today. Today we do need a dumbbell. Would be better if you had two, but if you had one, it’ll be okay. We have three rounds to complete, four different exercises, and at the end of each round, we have a quarter mile run. And if we can’t run, we’ll just do 50 jumping jacks. So number one, we got thrusters. Remember, if you don’t have two, you can lose one and just do one bell.

We’re going to go all the way down, press it overhead. We’ve got 15 of these guys. Make sure those squats are to the depth, full extension at the top. We’ll follow those up with some one-arm rows. We have ten on each side. Remember, pull that elbow up nice and high. You have a nice flat back. Keep that chest up. Same speed down, it’s the same speed up. 10 on one side, 10 on the other. We have 10 burpees, but we’re also going to add a tuck jump to this. So get down there and touch that chest, feet back.

All right, so we’re going to do a half Turkish get up. So we need one dumbbell, we’re laying on our back. Whatever side we have that bell up on, our leg will be up. I’m working to my left elbow. So swing to my side, push up off my hand. This is where I want to get to. Right back down, back up. Remember guys, we’re not doing a straight up pushup, I’m rotating to my left to get up. Do five on one side, then we’ll switch sides, then five on the other. All right guys, don’t forget after each round we have a quarter mile run, but then when we’re done with all that, we still have a little finisher workout for you to do. It’s a three minute plank, a three minute wall sit, and a one minute handstand. All right, guys so, we’ll hang on this plank as long as we can, because you don’t have to do the full three minutes. You can break it up any way you want. If you want to do a one minute plank, one minute wall sit, ten second handstand, that’s fine with me. But at the end you have to complete three minutes of this plank, three minutes of that wall sit, and that full one minute of the handstand.

All right, so we have a three minute wall set. Once again, you can break this up any way you’d like to. If you want to do it a minute at a time, we’ll do it a minute at a time, but we need to get all the way down to parallel, pushing ourselves back into that wall. Don’t rest your hands or elbows on there. Hang right here. You can put them up over your heads if you like. Just hang on long as you can. Try to knock that whole three minutes out.

All right, so we have to hold a handstand for one minute, but you can break it up as many times as you want. You can just do 10 seconds at a time, or you can go for that whole minute. Once again, we’ll just walk up that wall. If this right here is the only part you can take, that’s fine. If you can get all the way up, let’s get all the way up against that wall. Make sure we keep that core locked, arms straight, and just hang out here as long as we can. Try get the whole minute.

All right guys. So in that plank and that wall sit, really test yourself. See if you can fight through it and get that full three minutes. But if you’re starting to fall or your plank, call the plank, go do something else and come back to it. Stay tuned for some more workouts guys.

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