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30 Minute EMOM Workout

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Coach Jason is back with another Strength and Conditioning workout that will get your heart pumping. You’ll need a kettlebell or dumbbell and 30 minutes to complete this one.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys. Jason here at The Arena. Got another workout for you today. Today, we’re going to do every minute on the minute for 30 straight minutes. We have five different exercises we have to do. So this would be six total rounds. You will need one kettlebell or one dumbbell for this workout.

All right. So we’re going to start off with 30 seconds of burpees. So you have to watch the timer on this one. Make sure your chest gets all the way to the ground. Nice and tall and jump, guys. See how many you can get in those 30 seconds.

All right. So when that next minute hits, we have eight high pulls on each arm. Swing it up, pull it back. Make sure that elbow is nice and high, should be higher than the bell. We’ll do eight on one side and then we’ll do eight on the other side. When you’re done, we’ll just rest.

Then we’re just going to a hold a plank for 30 seconds for the next round. Make sure we’re not letting those shoulders sag in. We’re pushing out. Tuck in that pelvis. Just hang out right here for 30 seconds.

So when the next minute hits, we’re going to do eight kettlebell push presses or dumbbell on each side. Make sure we have our toes pointed out just a little bit, guys. Little tiny quarter squat to the launch that bell up. Feel those hips snap back. Send that bell up. So just eight on one side, then we’ll switch it over and we’ll do eight on the other side. Make sure we extend that arm all the way at the top.

All right, last one on the list, guys. You just have 30 seconds of high knees. Make sure those knees get up there though. We don’t want none of this. Get the knees up. Try to move as fast as you can. Just for 30 seconds.

All right guys, this one is a little bit longer. Six rounds. Sometimes we only do four or five. So if this is too much for you, feel free to chop a round off. That means we’ll do 25 minutes, or we’ll do 20 minutes. Let’s see what you can get done. Hope you enjoy the workout. Stay tuned for some more.

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