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4 Round Full Body Workout

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This workout with The Arena Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Salazar will work your entire body. All you need is a kettlebell or dumbbell.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here at The Arena. I got another workout for you today. Today we’re going to do four rounds. We have five different exercises. At the end of each round we’ll do a quarter mile run or 50 jumping jacks. You will need a kettlebell for this or a dumbbell.

All right guys, so first up we got 10 clean and presses on each side. Remember to pop those hips, press that bell, lock that arm up at the top. All the momentum, guys, comes from the hips. We’re not yanking it up with our arm. We’re popping that bell up with our hips. After I do 10 on one side, I’ll just switch it and do 10 on the other side.

Next on the list guys, just want to put those legs straight up in the air as much as we can, and maybe we might be a little bent, it’s okay. We’re going to try to touch our opposite toe to the opposite hand. You have 10 on each side. So one, one, two, two. It’s also important that every time you go all the way back down, just don’t stay up like this and touch. Put the head back down, come all the way up, head back down, all the way up. 10 on each foot.

We’ll follow it up with some plank shoulder taps. So we’re going to get in a plank position, I’m going to touch my shoulder, then touch my other shoulder. So you have 10 on each side, and when we were doing this, you really won’t want to sway back and forth. You want to keep that core nice and tight.

All right, so we got 10 one-arm rows on each side, but it’s again, kettlebell or a dumbbell, doesn’t matter. Pull all the way up, like there’s a string attached to the elbow. Just straight up. That bell should be brushing your side right by the rib cage. Remember control the descent guys. Same speed up, same speed down. 10 on one side, 10 on the other.

All right guys, to close this round out we’re going to rack that bell up, just like in the clean and press position. Remember, we rack it. It’s against our chest. It should not be flared out on my shoulder. Elbow should be tucked. If you have to, bring your hand across to help hold it up. If not, let’s squat. All the way to depth guys. You got 10 on one side. After doing my 10, I’ll just flip that bell over and do 10 on the other one.

All right guys, just remember after every round we do do a quarter mile run, or at least 50 jumping jacks. A little active recovery. We come back in, hit another round. Stay tuned for some more workouts guys.

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