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4 Round Kettlebell Circuit Workout

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If you have a kettlebell or dumbbell at home, then this will be a great Strength and Conditioning workout for you to do. You’ll feel this one in your whole body. If you can’t finish all 4 rounds then do what you can.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys. Jason here at The Arena with another workout for you today. Today we’re going to do four rounds, but this is at your own pace today, because we are using a little bit of weights. You will need a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this.

All right. So number one, we’re going to start off with 30 kettlebell swings. Make sure, you guys, we hinge at the hips. Nice flat back as we stand nice and tall. We’ll squeeze our butt at the top. Remember, the bell only has to go chest high. We’re just looking for 30 good swings.

Now we have 15 kettlebell squat cleans or dumbbell squat cleans, either or. In this one, we’re just going to squat down until the bell touches. Make sure that chest is up. Now I’m going to think of vertical jump with a shrug. I’m just going to snap up as fast as I can to get that bell to float and beat it back down and stand up. That’s one, two, three. Make sure you snap those hips with a big shrug and beat that bell from the floor.

Next up, we have 10 push presses on each side. We’ll do a slight bend in the knees out, not forward, make sure we’re poking them out. Snap them back, up the bone goes, bring it back down, use those legs with that press. You have 10 on one side, 10 on the other.

Now we got one-legged deadlifts. We’re going to do 10 on each leg. This is nice and slow guys, requires some balance. Best advice I could give you, find a spot on the floor and stare at it while you’re doing this. We’re going to go all the way down my legs and then go up. Just like my body, then I’ll pull it back. And back down and back up. Can’t really rush this one. Nice and slow, work on that balance. With 10 on one side, 10 on the other.

All right guys, the last one on the list. Persian press. Make sure you’re driving through your heels when you bridge those hips as high as you can. And then we’ll just press that bell 10 times on each side. Make sure the elbow comes down, touches the floor. Lock it out at the top and always come back to these hips. If they start sagging on you, push them back up. You should be squeezing that butt the whole time. 10 on one side, 10 on the other.

At the end of every round, guys, we’ve got 50 jumping jacks to do. If you’re a little tired, go nice and slow. Active recovery. If you want to get it done, move fast.

So stay tuned, guys, for some more workouts. We’ll keep them coming for you.

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