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4 Round Kettlebell Circuit

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FightBuilt Coach Jason walks you through this tough 4 round kettlebell circuit workout you can do on your own. Make sure to stop in to his class and build your strength and conditioning.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, guys. Jason, here at The Arena. Got another workout today. Today, we have four rounds to complete. There’s five different exercises. We’re going to see how fast we can get this done. You’ll need a kettlebell or a dumbbell for this one. All right, guys, first on the list, we have 30 kettlebell swings. Remember, it all comes from the hips, guys. You’re not using that arm to pull that bell up, just popping those hips, standing tall at the top. Your butt should be nice and squeezed at the top, big pop.

All right, so next up, we have 10 kettlebell sit-ups with each arm. This might be a little hard if you’ve got a heavy bell. Maybe, you’ve got a lighter one or a lighter dumbbell you can use. We’re just going to try to get up best as possible. We’ll do 10 on one side and 10 on the other. You’re going to have to balance this bell over you. It shouldn’t be pulling you forward. It shouldn’t be pulling you backwards or side to side. You got to balance it. Keep it directly over you. Just remember 10 on one side and 10 on the other.

Next up, we’re just going to clean the bell 15 times on one side and then 15 times on the other side. If you guys are still having problems with your cleans, start turning your thumb in as it goes down, let it rotate out. Don’t force the bell. Just try to bring your hand back to your chest. There’s a natural rotation that happens, so you don’t whack yourself with the bell. Keep the arm tight, and remember, the hips drive the bell up still. 15 on one side. 15 on the other.

Now we got 15 side bends on each side. When we’re doing these kettlebell side bends, you’re kind of in a narrow stance. Watch your knee as you go down. Go as far as you can. When you come back up, don’t just stand up. Extend over to the other side as much as you can. We’ll do 15 all the way. All the way down, all the way up and over as much as you can. 15 on one side, and then we’ll just switch it, and we’ll do 15 on the other side.

All right, so for our last one, we’re going to rack the bell up. We have 12 lunges on each leg. When we lunge, whatever side you have your bell on, I want your opposite leg to go out because it’s going to want to twist you, and I want you to fight it with your core. So I’ll do one, two, and yes, make sure that knee touches the ground, three, all the way to 12. When I get to 12, I pop it over, switch the legs, all the way down. Remember to stand tall, guys in our lunges, and fight that bell from twisting you.

All right, guys, so at the end of each round, we are going to do a quarter-mile run. Usually, it’s run around your block, just a nice little quarter-mile. Use it as recovery. Unless you just want to go balls to the wall, go as fast as you can because this is timed. Now, if this workout takes you more than 40 minutes, you need to cut the repetitions or cut a whole round off of it. We should be getting done around 30 minutes in this, no longer. All right, enjoy it. Stay tuned for some more workouts.

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