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4 Rounds of Bodyweight Exercises to Do at Home

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If you’re stuck at home and don’t have any weights to throw around, that’s no problem because Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Salazar has a full body workout you can do with just your own bodyweight.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys. Jason here at The Arena. We’ve got another workout for you today. We have four rounds to complete, six different exercises, plus a small little run in between. There’s no timing on this one today. You’re taking as long as you want, but you need to get it done.


All right, so first exercise on the list is plyo pushups. We’re going to do our push up and explode with a clap or just the hop. If this is too hard for you and you have to get on your knees, you still can do the same thing.


Next up, we’re going to do a Russian Twist. We have 20 of this to do. It’s just total. Make sure you get those legs nice and straight, balanced on that butt, and just try touching your hands to each side. Keep those legs nice and straight and pointed.


Next up, 15 tuck jumps. Make sure to tuck those legs nice and high with a nice soft landing.


Next up, we have five dive bombers. We get up on a push up position. Get your feet about shoulder width apart, with that butt up on the air, and we’re just going to pretend as a pole. We’ve got to go under and push ourselves back out. If this is too hard, we can just go from here, push back up, go back down. Remember you only got five.


All right, next up we got 15 V-ups. We want to try to get on that butt as best as possible, trying to make a V as best as you can. And so far our last one, we have 20 ball of foot squats, which is the regular squat, but as you come up, we go up on those toes. It’s like a jump squat, but no jump. Just nice and high on those toes with a good squat.


Hi, guys, remember at the end of each round, we’re going to go for a quarter mile run and we’ll come back, hit it three more times and we’ll wrap it up and that’ll be your workout for the day.

Stay tuned for more workouts. Plus The Arena is working on an online instructional platform for all of our programs at which will be coming soon. Make sure guys stay safe. From The Arena, we all appreciate your support and we can’t wait to have you back into our gym.

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