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4 Rounds of Kettlebell and Bodyweight Exercises

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Today Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Salazar has a tough kettlebell / dumbbell and bodyweight workout for you. It’s 4 rounds of work to get done as quick as you can.


Coach Jason Salazar:

Hey, guys, Jason, here at The Arena. Got another workout for you today. Today we have four rounds, it’s going to be for time and it’ll consist of four different exercises. We want to make sure we move as fast as possible, maintaining proper technique and form on those exercises.

All right, first one on the list, we have 20 alternating kettlebell swings, or dumbbell. At the top we’ll just switch hands. So it’s basically 10 on each side, 20 total. Just make sure you pop those hips. Nice and tall at the top.

All right, second on the list, Russian twists. Get those legs nice and straight, balance on our butt. I’m going to touch that mat back and forth. You have 10 on each side with 20 total. You want to make this a little bit harder, grab some weight.

After those Russian twists, we got 10 tuck jumps. Remember to tuck those legs nice and high. We want a soft landing.

So now we got plank hip taps. You’re going to be doing 10 on each side. So one, one, two, two. All the way to 10 on each side.

And then in the close out of every round we’re going to do a hundred high knees. Just one, two, three, four, five, six. Just like you’re jogging down the street. After we get 100 done, back to the top.

All right, guys, so remember, this is for time. We want to move as fast as we possibly can. And if you don’t have a kettlebell, we can also use a dumbbell for the swing. Stand a little bit wider, but you can still do the same thing.

All right, guys, stay tuned, we’ll be having more workouts posted for you every day, Monday through Saturday. I hope you guys are enjoying them. Remember, stay active, stay safe. We’ll see you soon.

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