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5 Exercises to Improve Athletic Explosiveness

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Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason showing some explosive exercises and explaining the benefits of this type of training. At our root we are a gym that builds fighters and trains regular people to exceptional levels of fitness.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here at The Arena. Today we’re going to do some explosive exercises. We’ve got about five I’m going to run through with you. Why should we do explosive movements? Well, it can improve in our sprints, our jumping, and improve weightlifting. Believe it or not, you can lift heavier weight with a little bit more explosion out of that pocket.

Primarily today, we really want to think about large muscle groups; quads, hamstrings, lats, our glutes. Very important thing though, when we’re trained this way, we don’t want to do more than three to four sets. We don’t want to do more than 10 repetitions. Because when we’re doing these movements, we’re trying to give everything we got, in every single repetition. Because we’re trying to explode as hard As we can.

We’re going to do a little banded kettlebell swing. Just to show you; take one rubber band, pull it through, pull the band through itself. Just tighten it up, get those guys out of the way. Spread it open, then stick those feet right in. Now, when you’re doing this, you’re really going to explode as much as you can, through the hips. And remember that bell is going to snap backs, so you better be ready for it.

All right guys, we’re going to do the power snatch. Remember power is mid thigh. So, all we really tend to think about doing; a vertical jump, with a big shrug. Just snap that bar up as fast as we can. Remember, accelerate as hard as you can. Stand up, bring it back down, reset, back up. Just think, vertical jump with a shrug.

All right. The dumbbell jump. Make sure you swing back, as we go up we’re going to explode up as high as we can.

So, always remember when we’re doing these seated box jumps, we’re going to swing arms back then launch them forward as we jump. And we’re trying to give everything, all we got, at once. Even if the box isn’t high enough to go as high as we need to go. Just take a second and get your feet set back, arms again.

All right. So we’re just going to do a little plyo push up. There’s many different versions. You can clap, you have off the ground, or you can set things to jump up too. Just like we got here, we got two weight plates. We’ll just go down for that push up, and explode out of there, back down, explode out of there. Remember, every time, you’re trying to give it as much as you got. As you get better, make these higher, or just practice hopping off the ground, as much as we can.

All right guys, remember, keep in mind long breaks. And also, when we’re doing explosive work, you might want to get these before your heavy lifts. If we do this after our heavy lifts, we’re not going to get the same results. So, remember; explosion first, heavy later.

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