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At Home Workout Using Kettlebell and Resistance Band

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If you have a kettlebell and resistance band at home then here is a great strength and conditioning circuit you can do that will give your full body a tough workout.


Coach Jason Salazar:

Hey guys! Jason here at The Arena with another workout for you today. Today we’re going to do four rounds, five different exercises. You will need a resistance band and at least one kettlebell or one dumbbell.


So we’re going to start off with 10 snatches on each side with our kettlebell. Make sure you swing nice and hard. Use those hips. Punch through at the top so you don’t bash that wrist every time. You got 10 on one side, 10 on the other. If you don’t have a kettlebell, we’ll use a dumbbell. The only difference with the dumbbell, we’re going to go to the ground. Pop it straight up, nice and fast. Remember guys, snatches are explosive, can’t be slow.


All right, and this one, we’re going to need our resistance bands. We’re going to do 10 rotations on each side. Make sure you find something nice and sturdy to tie your band up to. You can put it on your door knob. Your door might move just a little bit, but all we got to do, just rotate all the way over and then back. Try to keep tension on the band. We don’t want it to be sagging. We want to be under tension the whole time to really attack that core. We’ll do 10 on one side and just switch it and then we’ll do 10 on the other side.


All right, so kettlebell one arm push press. You can always use a dumbbell for this one. Make sure feet are right underneath us. Push those knees out. Snapping back, up goes the bell. You have 10 on one side, 10 on the other. Dumbbell will look pretty much the same except more on your shoulder. Same thing though, press straight up, bring it back down. Use those legs to help push that up over your head.


And we’ve got 20 sit ups and we’re full range of motion, guys. Very important with your sit ups. Don’t cheat yourself. Go all the way down there, all the way back up.


All right, so I’m going to finish this round off with 20 goblet squats. Pop that bell or dumbbell up, right on that chest. Get those heels shoulder width a apart. Push those knees out as we go down. Make sure you get the depth on these squats. All the way down, all the way back up. You do have 20 if you have to take a break in between them, take a little bit of a break and get back in it.

So after the end of each round, we’re going to run either a quarter mile or do a hundred jump rope skips, or a hundred jumping jacks and then we’ll repeat this three more times and then we’ll be all done with this one.


All right guys, I hope you’ve been enjoying the workouts. Stay tuned for more workouts. We’re going to keep posting workouts as much as we possibly can until we can get you back into our gym.

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