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Bodyweight Ladder Strength and Conditioning Workout

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Coach Jason has another great strength and conditioning workout for you, this time in a ladder format. All you need for this one is your own bodyweight.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, guys. Jason here, at The Arena. Got a little workout for you today. Today we have some ladders to do. We have three different ones that consist of two different exercises. We’re going to start one exercise at 10, work our way down to 1, while the other one starts at 1, working our way up to 10. So when we get to 1 and 10, we’ll be done with that round. We’ll move on to our next two exercises. All right. So we’ll start our ladder off with 10 tuck jumps. Remember, tuck those legs up as high as we can. A nice soft landing though. So I did my 10 tuck jumps. Now I’m going to do one quad press. We’ll get like we’re in a push up position on all fours, arms under our shoulders, knees under our hips. Turn those hands in, up on the toes. And nice even down, right back up. Only got one to do, but I’ll show you a couple so you know what they look like. So I did my one.

I’ll go back to my tuck jumps. I have nine tuck jumps, then two quad presses, eight tuck jumps, three quad presses, all the way until we get to 1 and 10. All right. So for our next two exercises we’re working, first we start off with the pike press. We’ll get like we’re going to do a pushup. I’m going to put that butt way up in the air. I’m going to work my head straight down to my hands, then press right back out of it. So you’ve got 10 of these to do. If you want to make it harder, put your feet up on something. After those 10 pike pushes, I’m going to get on my back. I have my knees straight up, feet up, and we’re just going to do some crunches. Just pull, and back down. Pull, and back down. Remember, you’re only starting off with one. Now I’ll go back to my pike presses. I’ll do nine. Two crunches, three presses, three crunches, and so on and so on until I get to 1 and 10.

All right, so for the last two exercises on our ladder today, we’ll start off with the Spiderman pushup. So put one arm a little bit back. Bring that knee up on that side too. Go down to that pushup. Press out of it, replace, bring together, back down, replace, bring back together, and back down. So we’ll start off with 10 of those. After I do my 10, I’m just going to do one flutter squat. So feet out, out, meet back in the middle, squat. And it’s just like the other ladders, guys. The next round, I’ll do nine and two, eight and three, until I get all the way to 1 and 10. Then I’ll be done. All right, guys. So you have three different ladders to complete. See how fast you can get them done. And maybe 10’s too high of a number. You can start off at eight. Or if that’s still too hard, start up at six. See where you get. See how long it takes, and stay tuned for some more workouts.

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