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Bodyweight Tabata (20 sec Work / 10 sec Rest) Workout

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The Strength and conditioning workout for today is all bodyweight exercises in a TABATA circuit format. That means you’ll be doing 20 seconds of work followed by 20 seconds of rest.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason, here at the arena. We have another workout for you today. Today, we’re going to be doing TABATA means we’re going to be doing two exercises. Each exercise will be for 20 seconds and ten second break. We’ll do the other exercise for 20 seconds. Ten second break. We’ll do the other exercise. We’re going to ping pong back and forth. So we do each of those exercises four times. You have a woman, a one minute break and move on to two different exercises. So, for the first two exercises we’re going to do squats for 20 seconds. Remember guys heels shoulder width apart toe is out. Push those knees out as we go down. If you have a hard time keeping that chest up, keep those arms up. Just got 20 seconds. Find a nice pace. Then we’ll hit that 10 seconds of rest. Get ready for 20 seconds of pushups. Remember, all the way down all the way up.

Yeah. For 20 seconds we’ll rest. Okay. For our next round or two different exercises, we have our plank punches. First, we’ll get into a plank. This is for 20 seconds. Pull that leg up off to the sides. As far as you can just find a good pace. Then I’ll take my ten second break. The next 20 seconds all I’m going to do is hold a plank. Remember guys, tuck the pelvis in and hold right here. So for our next exercise, we have jumping lunges. All right, knee needs to touch that ground. Keep your chest up. Nice big step forward. This is straight up and down. You can’t keep doing this for 20 seconds guys, just alternate those lunges. And I’ll take my ten second break. And then I’m just going to ski. A little active recovery. Shake those legs out a little bit from those jumping lunges.

All right. So far, our next two, we have sit ups first. We’ll just do 20 seconds of sit ups. Make sure you get that full range of motion on those sit ups guys. After my setups, I’ll take a ten second break and then I’m going to get on one side. My elbow will be right under my shoulder. I’m going to lift up as high as I can, drop the hip back down. Lift it back up, back down, back up. So when you do come back to this one, just go to the other side. So for our last two, we’re going to get into a quad press, we’ll get in like push up position but turn those hands in. Want those arms right under the shoulders again. Knees right under the hips. I’m going to press with my toes and we’ll start pressing up and down. Just touch those knees and come right back up.

I take my ten second break. Now I’m going to get in the same position, but from here, I’ll be up on my toes. I’m going to take my opposite arm opposite leg, yank it off to the side as high as I can. Hey guys. So just remember the goal is to keep working during those 20 seconds. If you have to take extra breaks, besides those ten second breaks, please feel free. If you’ve got to adjust the exercises, say with injury and our knee or something, we can’t do squats. Just do anything else you need to do. Work around it. And you guys remember, we’re going to have new workouts for you coming up basically every day. So please stay tuned for more.

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