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Climb the Ladder Bodyweight Workout

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Here’s a great conditioning workout you can do at home with all bodyweight exercises. It’s a ladder climbing workout, so each set you’ll do one more rep than the last set. Try to work up to 10 reps before 30 minutes goes by.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey, guys. Jason here at The Arena. Got another workout for you today. Today, we’re going to climb a ladder. There is a 30-minute time cap on this. So, if 30 minutes is hit, and you’re not done with this, we’re just going to stop wherever we’re at. We have six different exercises. We’ll start each of them with just doing one repetition of each. As we get through all six, then we’ll come back to the top, and we’ll do two repetitions of each. As we get through all six again, we’ll go to the three repetitions. I think you see where this is going. Every time, you go up one more number. And so, we try to get to number 10. All right. I’m just going to start off with one hand-release push-up. All the way down onto that chest. Don’t let those hips touch the ground, release the hands, and back up we go.

After that, I’m just going to get up, hands behind my head, prison squat. Get down, keep that chest up, come right back up. After that, I’m just putting my feet together, knees out, and do one sit-up. Roll on over, get into a plank, and we’ll do a plank jack, out and back in. That’ll be one. After my plant jacks, I got jumping lunges. We’ll start one leg down one, one, and one. After that, I’m going to do one inch worm. We’ll walk it on out, push-up, and walk those back feet in as far as you can. Try to keep those legs straight, and that’ll be one.


After you get done with that, I go back to the top of the pushups. But now, everything is two. Get through the whole round, get back to the top, everything is three. So, it’ll constantly add some repetitions. Try to get up high up the ladder as high as you can. Remember, after 30 minutes, we’re going to cut it. Hope you enjoy this workout. Stay tuned for some more.

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