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Coach Jason Shows Backward Sled Pull for Stronger Knees

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Have you ever tried the sleds on our turf area? If you’re not taking advantage of our 10,000 sq ft Strength and Conditioning facility or attending Coach Jasons classes, then you are not really setting yourself up with the best chances of success. Here coach Jason works on building knee strength, give it a try or ask him for more details if you need his help!


Coach Jason Salazar:
Jason here at The Arena. Today I just wanted to go over a little knee strengthening exercise we can do, with a nice Torque TANK sled that we have here on our nice turf that we got in our gym. If you haven’t been over here yet, come check it out. The most important thing when we’re doing this, maintain that seated position, and make sure that foot goes past the knee every time, driving through the toe. Straighten that leg all the way out, and we pull that other foot all the way back. It’s important to do this if you want to have nice strong knees, preventing injuries. Also, to strengthen our knees, if we’re in knee rehab and trying to rebuild our knees.

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