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Coaching Some Finer Points of Proper Deadlift Technique

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Deadlift is one of the most important lifts for developing strength for all different types of sports and general athletic performance. As with everything else, our coaching staff is focused on technique for optimal performance and safety. Coach Jason will teach you the right way as get you to push your limits.


Coach Jason Salazar:
All right. Before your next lift, just tighten up those feet. Get them more narrow, a little more narrow than that. Good. Point those toes back out. There we go. Push those knees out into those arms. Good. Now let’s sit those hips down just a little bit more. Right there, looks better. Let’s go ahead and lift. Not too bad. Go down again. Make sure to reset everything. Hips just a tiny bit higher for me. Right there. Let’s go again. Good. Be careful how fast we shoot those hips out. Remember, shoulders and hips have to rise at the same time. That was better. Good. Let’s stand tall on this last one. Big chest. Even better, good. Drop it. Not bad. So we just have to make the minor adjustments. No wide feet. Once again, the knees will go in on you.

We want to get them nice and narrow so we can keep those knees out. Just like the squat, we’re going to be way stronger right here.

Just be careful. The hips might be a little bit too high. We don’t want to also sit way too low. Find a nice medium space right in the middle. Okay, let’s try three more. Remember everything we just did. Good. That looks good right there. Let’s lift. Nice. Watch the hips in this last one. Get them a little bit higher for me. Good. Good. Did that feel better than the first one?

Yeah, definitely.

Coach Jason Salazar:
Good. All right, it looked a lot better.

Feeling my hamstrings a lot more.

Coach Jason Salazar:
Yeah, that’s what we want to use.

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