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Dumbbell Circuit Workout You Can Do At Home

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For this Strength and Conditioning workout you’ll need a dumbell or two if you have them. You’ll also being doing some bodyweight exercises and will definitely get a full body workout.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason, here at The Arena. I’ve got a little workout for you today. Today is going to be four rounds for time, it has five different exercises and also includes a quarter mile run after each round. We also need a dumbbell for these exercises. All right. To start off with, we have dumbbell snatches. We have 10 on each side. So we’re going to go all the way down, just like we’re doing a squat, keeping that chest up. We’re going to explode up as fast as we can with a good shrug. We’ll let that bell just fly right up to the ceiling. You have 10 on one side, 10 on the other.

All right, so after the dumbbell snatches, we have 15 V-ups. Remember, try and make a V as best as possible. You should be on that butt, right at the end of that sit up. We shouldn’t still be on our backs.

So we’ve got 15 hand release pushups, and we’re going to go all the way down, release those hands, we should be resting on our chest, not our hips. Press all the way back up and then go back down, release, back up. You’ve got 15 of these guys.

So now I have 15 dumbbell thrusters. If you don’t have two dumbbells, it’s okay, we can use one. For now, I’m going to show two and then I’ll show one. Thruster those dumbbells up, get in that squat position. All the way down, as you come up, we’ll press overhead. Make sure we don’t separate the movement. Feel the flow and then squats overhead. If you only have one dumbbell, you still do the same thing. Squat, press, squat, press. You’ve got 15 of those. And the last on the list is a nice one arm row. Make sure you guys, nice flat back. That chest is up, you can rest on your arm. Fully extend, pull all the way back up. Keep a nice tight elbow. It should be hitting you right in the bottom of your ribs. We’ll do 10 on one side and 10 on the other.

All right guys, so remember, at the end of every round, we have a quarter mile run or a hundred jump rope skips or 50 jumping jacks before we start that next round. And stay tuned guys from our workouts, we’ll be putting them up every day.


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