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How to Do a Kettlebell Turkish Get Up

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The Turkish Get Up is a great full body exercise you can do with a kettlebell. In this video Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Salazar shows how to safely and properly perform this fantastic exercise.


Coach Jason Salazar:

Hi, my name is Jason. I’m the strength and conditioning coach here at The Arena. Today I was going to go over a Turkish get up. It’s one of my favorite full body movements. It’ll help strengthen your core, mobility and balance all in one. All right, so I’m going to start off Turkish get up. Important thing, we don’t want to pull up that bell on over and hurt our shoulder. With our other hand, we’ll roll that bell up, and we’ll lock our arm up top. We’re going to put that same leg on the same side. My arm is up. I’m going to go to my right hand side, my elbow first, then to my hand. Raise those hips, really pushing up that right leg. Pull my leg back into a lunge position. Stand straight up. Back down to the knee, back down to the hand. Pull that leg out, bridge those hips and lay them back down. Make sure you do this nice and slow, nice segmented movements. Don’t rush through this. Do about three sets of five on each side, and then ante up the weight.

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