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Proper Kettlebell Swing Technique to Build Strength and Coordination

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Kettlebell Swing is the cornerstone of all kettlebell exercises. Here Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason explains some of the details needed to get maximum benefit as well as limit the potential for injury.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hi guys, Jason here at The Arena. Today, we just wanted to go over a basic Kettlebell Swing and why you should be doing a Kettlebell Swing and if you’re doing it correctly.

So in the beginning, when we do a Kettlebell Swing, to start off with, it’s a good idea to have it on the ground. That way we learn how to reach over and pick it up and that’s why we want to return. We want to be bent over as much as possible to activate our hips. Go ahead and touch swing it for me. You notice a slightly bend at the knees, as you bend over, but maintaining a nice flat back and powering your hips forward as the bell comes out. We also want us tighten up our arms just a little bit because we want the bell to pull us forward. See how it’s nice like if he has a piece of paper stuck in between his armpit, everything’s nice and tight right here with a nice, good pop of the hips.

Why should we do Kettlebell Swings? This is all hip driven. So in any sport that you’re playing, where does all your power come? From the hips. So core to extremity movement right here. Also builds good grip strength and helps you control your body a little bit better because some people are really used to being really rigid and just lifting weights. We’ve got to flow a little bit more with the swing, as you see he’s doing right here. Good. You can stop and go ahead right there.

So Kettlebell Swings are really good for an athlete. Athletes use their hips, especially if we’re in MMA or even in baseball or soccer, it doesn’t matter what you’re doing. If anyone said to you Kettlebell Swings won’t help build muscle, they’re wrong. These guys will help you build muscle. Of course, you’re going to have to lift a little bit more, but if you’re not swinging a Kettlebell, I highly recommend you do because it also builds some really great grip strength, too.

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