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Strength Exercises to Develop Punching Power

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Much like punching technique, punching power is something you can work on to improve. For this tip, Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Salazar shows some exercises to build strength and speed that will translate to increased punching power.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hi, my name is Jason, strength and conditioning coach here at The Arena. Today I’m going to show you some tips on how to increase your punching power and speed. First today we’re going to start off a little dumbbell bench press, but just one arm. Just lay down just like a regular bench press, but as I press, I’m really going to fight my core from falling over to my side. Just engage the core. This’ll help out in your core and your punching power. Just like so. If you want to do this for reps, I would do like three sets of 10, just like this.

All right, so I just take the barbell. You don’t have to put weight on it. Put one weight on one side if you want. You can have the barbell into the ground to another dumbbell, if you need. Just stand a little puncher stance just like this, hand up and just nice explosions. Make sure you’re still turning that hip and pushing up. And we can switch sides. Same thing. Switch the feet placement, keep your hand up, and explode.

Now we’re just to do some chest passes with this medicine ball and this trampoline over here. This is for more explosion for speed, not so much power, just a big push, catch, push back in. Just make sure you’ve got a big push. You can even switch this up with one hand, if you want. A big push down in, just make sure you catch that ball and don’t get smashed in the face.

We get up on these plates right here and I’m going to drop down into a pushup, explode back up onto the plates, and back down, and explode back up. Just like so. You can stack up more plates if you like. Get as high as you can, and just start off with one plate.

These are called rotational pushups. I’m going to start off on my hip on my side, not on my back. On my hip, just like so. My foot’s still touching over there and I’m going to use a big rotation in my hip and that’s my punching hand. Switch to the other side, same thing. Just a nice rotation, big explosion on that arm. These will really help out a lot with your punching power.


Okay, so if we keep doing these exercises a few times a week, at least two to three times a week, and keep the consistency up, you will notice an increase in your punching power and your speed. This is Jason. This is your tip of the week.

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