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Strengthen Your Lower Back with Our New Reverse Hyper Machine at The Arena

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Lower back pain and injuries are unfortunately a common thing amongst athletes of all kinds, but here at The Arena we have a great machine to help strengthen and heal your back. Watch Strength and Conditioning Coach Jason Salazar demonstrate our Reverse Hyper machine in our new athletic development training center.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hi, this is Jason here at the arena. Right now I’m just going to show off one of our new machines that we have, the Ultra Supreme Reverse Hyper. If you’ve never seen one of these and you don’t know what it’s really used for, this can be therapeutic or for back lifting, to help strengthen the lower back.

So if you have back issues, this will help pump the fluids out of our back, separate the spine, put it back together. It’s really great.

I’ll show you how to use it. Step one foot in. The other foot we get up. We’re going to pull it up, slide it in, find out where are the handles if you like. And remember, we’re going to slowly push it back and forth.

As you push forward, the head goes in, head goes out. Head goes in, head goes out. You can do this before your work out, in the middle of your workout, after your workout. It’s a great way to keep that lower back in shape.

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