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Two 12 Minute Rounds Ladder Workout

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The Strength and Conditioning workout today is a ladder format, meaning every set increases one repetition. This one consists of two 12 minute rounds and is sure to give you a good pump.


Coach Jason Salazar:
Hey guys, Jason here at The Arena. Another workout for you today. Today we’re going to do two different ladders. There’s three different exercises per ladder. We’re going to work each ladder for 12 minutes. You have a three minute break in between the ladders and you will need to set a dumbbells for this one or at least just one dumbbell.

All right, so for the first ladder, we have started off with one thruster. We’ll get those bells on our shoulders. Remember when we’re squatting guys, get those feet in the right position. Get nice and low, press it overhead. So I’ll do one thruster. Right after that thruster, one V up, then I’m just going to roll over to my belly and do one Superman. Now I’ll start back to the top again, but now I have two thrusters. And two V ups, roll over, two Supermans. And then I’m going to do three thrusters, three V ups, three Supermans. Then four, four, four, until my 12 minute runs out, and see how high up the ladder you can get.

Okay, so we took our three minute break. Now we’re going to start our second ladder. For our first one we’ll do one hand release push-up. After our hand release push-up, we’ll go knees the feet. After our knees to feet, we’ll get down to that plank, then do a plank jack. So one of everything and then I’ll go back to my push-up and do two. And two knees to feet, then two plank jacks. And then I’ll go to three, and then to four, as high as I can get in those 12 minutes. Let’s see what I can get to.

All right guys. So remember there’s only three exercises per ladder, try to find a good pace you can keep working for those full 12 minutes. We don’t want to go really fast out the gates, then hit 10 minutes and be like, “Oh one push-up, two push-ups.” Find a good pace to keep moving for those full 12 minutes, but don’t go too slow, we got to get up there nice and fast.

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