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Baret Yoshida BJJ Guard Passing Drill Using a Baseball Bat

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Jiu Jitsu and Grappling Coach Baret Yoshida is back with another solo drill you can do at home using a baseball bat or some type of stick or pole.


Coach Baret Yoshida:
I’m going to do some movement drills with this bat here. So I’m going to put the fat end and I’m putting it on the mat here. I put both hands on the top of the handle here. And what I’m doing here is I’m going to step outwards with one foot and the other leg’s going to lift up and I’m going to step over the bat. So when I step over the bat here, the other hand will replace it. I go back, both hands back on the bat. And from there, I’m going to step out the other way. And you’re just going to keep stepping over just like so.

So now, I’m going to add a hook in here. All right. So what I do here now… The hook itself, I bring the leg around and it’s just like when you’re throwing hooks you’re not supposed to bat. I’m going to lace around the bat like so. A hook itself will just be wrapping around and lacing, facing your toes and put some tension on it. So you put it all together here now. You step over, you hook, step over, hook.

The first part of the drill… This here, a lot of times is your step over pass when you step over someone’s legs and you’re trying to come from the side. As far as this lacing drill here, I use this a lot when I’m setting up a crucifix. I’ll hook inside their leg here or even the back one. It’s just a good… It feels very smooth. Feels very similar to hooking on their leg like the grape vine or single leg ride, something like so. So I just put the combination together with the step over and the leg hook there, step over, the leg hook. 

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