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Baret Yoshida Guillotine Drill with a Baseball Bat

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Baret Yoshida is a Jiu Jitsu and Grappling master and one creative guy as well. Check out how he uses a baseball bat to practice his guillotines when he’s at home by himself.


Coach Baret Yoshida:


So, I’m going to show some techniques that you can do training alone with just a bat, or a stick, or even a pipe, whatever you can find. This one here is the guillotine. So, I’m going to have the fat end facing towards me. I’m going to put my foot underneath the end of the handle, on the inside like this, and then the other foot goes upon it here like this. Okay?

From there, I’m going to wrap my arm around like I’m doing the guillotine. Set. When you get your arm around here, today, I’m going to pull it all the way to the joint here. But, as far as the gripping here, I could grab my pinky here, I could go with a Gable Grip here, or even an S-grip. So, those are probably the three main grips that I’m going to practice with. Okay?

So, I’m going to get my foot, bring my leg over, and grab one of my grips here. Okay? And then, from there, we’re going to just lean back here. And, you can really, really press into it here. You’re going to feel a lot of pressure in your arm. It’s going to feel very, very similar to doing an actual guillotine.

All right, so using the fat part facing you, I bring the foot under, the other leg goes over, almost like an X here, and the hand comes around. And, like I said, pinky, S-grip or Gable, and break, fall back here, and just really, really twist it through here.

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