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Baret Yoshida Rear Naked Choke Drill on Baseball Bat

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Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling Coach Baret Yoshida has another cool drill you can do to practice your rear naked chokes at home with a baseball bat. Give it a try.


Coach Baret Yoshida:
So I’m going to do the rear naked choke, okay? So what I’m doing, I’m going to get the fat end, I’m going to put it on the mat, and I’m going to put my foot underneath the bat here and trap my leg over here. So this’ll keep the bat nice sturdy, right? And then what I’ll do is I’ll get my hand on the back of the handle here, and I’m going to come around and just simulate the rear naked choke here, right? So from here, you lock your hands in and you’re going to actually pull your elbows into your body, keeping the bat straight with your legs as well, so it doesn’t slide away. And you can bring your head here. Squeeze it in, something like that. And you can practice on both your arms.

So once again, I get one of my feet here, put it underneath the fat end of the bat. Your leg will cross around to keep this bat sturdy. And then I’m going to get one hand on the handle and the other half comes around. And when I get my hand around here I want my elbow to go as close to the bat as possible here. You don’t want big gaps here. Something like this, just to really simulate a rear naked choke. And I bring my head on the other side of my hand here, putting pressure something like so, and pull my elbows in. You can do it on both sides. And you can do this while you watch TV or you don’t need much space. You can just …

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