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Barety Yoshida Solo BJJ Drill with Gi Jacket

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Here’s another cool Jiu Jitsu drill from Coach Baret Yoshida you can do at home by yourself with just your gi jacket. Get creative and try some other movements too.


Coach Baret Yoshida:
Hey guys, I know the gym’s been closed. Here are a few drills you can do by yourself for just a gi top. This next drill is the kneading your feet drill. So I use this drill for coordination and you can make this harder or easier on yourself depending. Once again, I’m going to start with both feet in the sleeves. I’m going to bring these sleeves together and hold them together in one hand. From here what I do is I keep tension with both feet. I remove one foot, I put it on the top. Then I take the other one out and I put it on top as well. When you do this, you need to keep tension. From here you can re move afoot and come on the bottom. Like I said, you make it easier or harder dependent on where we hold the sleeves.

I can hold them closer or farther. If you have trouble, you can hold them a little farther out here, but I like to pull them as close as possible here. I bring my foot in, keep tension. Then I bring the other foot in, keep tension. Now from here, we just keep doing this concurrently outside, outside, inside, inside. To really knead the feet in there. You want to make it easier, you can go a little wider.

This next drill is the outside knee inside knee drill. I’m going to put both feet inside the lapels like so. I’m going to cross step a foot over. I’m going to pull inwards with my outside knee. Then I’m going to push back up, putting my right foot inside the sleeve here, and then I pull in the inside knee. Then I push back up and both feet will be on one sleeve and I cross that. From here we can go in through the outside knee by pulling both feet in, push up. Then you bring your inside knee and you push up. They’re crossed, outside knee. Push up, inside knee, cross, outside knee, push up, inside knee, cross. So guys, keep training. We’ll be back to the gym soon and thank you for all the support.

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