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Coach Adam Bradley Teaches How to Open the Full Guard

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Coach Adam Bradley teaching the details of opening the full guard. Come in and work on the finer points of Jiu Jitsu to build solid fundamentals as well as the techniques being used at the highest levels of competition.

Coach Adam Bradley:

What we’re working today, same thing as Monday. We’re going to work double collar grips just like so. We’re going to open those collar grips and stiff arm our hands right into the armpits here, okay? Remember to keep a neutral wrist to avoid any corny wrist locks, okay? And once we’re here, it makes it very hard for them to grab us with any good grips, right?

So now once we’re here, what I want you to do is work on standing up. So we’re going to stand up, one, two with our weight on the hands. And from here, we start to walk our knees in by the hips. Once we’re here, we’re keeping our elbows tight. We’re going to pinch with our laps all the way up, keeping the hips controlled, and we’re going to grab the material right in front of the hips here, okay?

And now what we’re working from here is walking our knees back. And I want to find my knees right where the glute and the hamstring meet, right below the glute, okay? And once we find that spot, now all we need to do to break the guard open is to do a squat. So once I squat back here, the guard breaks, okay? If it doesn’t, you can readjust your knees and try again, okay?

And from here, I keep him here. I’ll hold him here for as long as I want. It’s very hard for him to move from here. And now once I’m ready, I can start to step back as I push the hips down. And now we’re ready to start passing, okay?

For those who were here on Monday, I want you to go right into that hand on the hip, elbow on the inside of the leg, hand on his knee, peg that knee to the ground, walking around, right into our Toreando Pass here. Okay.

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