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Coach Adam Bradley Teaching a Knee Cut Pass

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At The Arena, all our coaches focus on the details that make each position work. Here Coach Adam Bradley teaches a knee cut guard pass at our No Gi Jiu Jitsu Class. Come in and get on the mat!


Coach Adam Bradley:

We’re dealing with the knee shield. We’re pinning this wrist. We’re bringing our inside leg over his bottom leg here. We post with our other leg here, bringing his knee up and pinching his top leg down, so his hips are very tight. And now from here, we’re walking him flat until we can get our elbow on the inside of the legs here. Flaring that elbow out, we take small steps back, staying very crunched. And now we beat the knee shield. And now it’s easy to go for the underhook and get chest to chest and we can start going for the crossface here. If they block the crossface, they start pushing it away, then what I’m going to do is I’m going to keep knee slicing here and bring my other knee near the shoulder.

Now he won’t be able to follow me, as my arm comes underneath and we get the double unders here. And then again, we’re sliding our knee down their leg, not forward. We’re sliding down the mat until our hip touches the mat. Now we’re driving our hips into theirs, just using our toes until we get the hips to face the other way. And then we square up. Put our chest on chest, we get our side mount here. Okay, so we’re just going to drill that for now. Sound good?

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