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Easy Tip to Help Finish Rear Naked Choke

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Sometimes finishing a choke from the back can be a challenge, especially if your opponent is grabbing your arm to defend. In this video, Jiu Jitsu Coach Dominic Damian shows an easy way to break your opponent’s grip and finish your choke.


Coach Dominic Damian:
Hey, I’m Dominic here at The Arena. I’m going to go over a little hand trick from the back when you’re hand-fighting to get the rear naked choke or a bow and arrow.


I’ll be here with my harness. I’m hiding my choking hand. Greg’s going to go and start the hand fight and try to peel my hand off. If I go in to grab his wrist and try to push down, if I can’t fight his strength, he may be able to pull my hand down and pull my hand over his head and start to escape.


So what I like to do is, when I get my harness and I have a good control over his body, and he goes to fight my hands, as soon as I feel him grab my two hands, I’m going to bring my top hand, my left hand in this case, I’m going to cover over his wrist. I’m going to use that to determine whether I’m going to push his hand down or go for the hand trick.


When I do the hand trick, I like to keep the thumb on the outside, and I’m going to roll my bottom hand underneath, and my left hand is going to go palm up. I’m just going to go palms to palms. If I can’t reach completely, I can go cable grip, or I can just get what I can, and I’m going to drive all my pressure into the top part of his wrist, and it’s going to pop his hand free. And then I’m going to go for my finish.


Again, I’m here, and I have a harness. He’s hand-fighting, and I don’t want to … I maybe can’t get his wrist to come off, because he’s got too strong of a grip. So I just bring this hand over, roll my hands together, palms to palms, and then I drive my left hand down into his wrist to put pressure on his left wrist, break that grip, pin the hand to the body. There’s the choke. Cool. That’s your tip of the week.

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