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Baret Yoshida’s Solo Spider Guard Drills

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While we’re all stuck at home, Jiu Jitsu Coach Baret Yoshida has some cool drills you can do by yourself using your gi jacket. It’s important to keep moving and stay sharp so you’re ready for action when the gym opens back up.


Coach Baret Yoshida:
Hey, guys. I know the gym has been closed. Here are a few drills you can do by yourself with just a gi. This drill is the spider stick drill. I’m going to start off with a pistol grip, and the way you do that is, I’m going to put my thumbs inside the sleeves here and I’m just going to grasp on both sides of this. With the spider sleeves, I bring one foot under the other and I bring in a little bit higher than what I would do for the normal sweep here. Just because there’s not enough tension. Because there’s no person in here, right. So I bring this in here. I bring my knees in, load them up here, put them back through my knees and load them up here.

This drill is the spider cross grip outside knee drill. And then what I’m do is I’m going to cross one foot over and what I do is I pull my knees in and I put my outside knee inside the sleeve. From here I push back up, return both feet and then I crossed the other one over. Pulling my knees in and I put the other knee in the outside sleeve.

So guys, keep training. We’ll be back to the gym soon and thank you for all the support.

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