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Jiu Jitsu Bow and Arrow Choke Defense and Escape

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Jiu Jitsu Coach Ryan Fortin has previously shown us how he likes to finish the bow and arrow choke, but today he shows us how he defends and escapes the lethal submission.


Coach Ryan Fortin:
Hey, what’s up guys? Ryan Fortin again, here with Enrique Marte to give you another tip of the week. So last tip I gave you was how I finish my bow and arrow chokes, and today I’m going to show you what I like to do to escape them.

So first thing that I’m worried about in a bow and arrow choke is the guy’s elbow, okay? So I’m not too worried about defending off the grip at first, right? And I don’t want to reach too soon, because then he knows what I’m going to do, and I give him the opportunity to bring his hand underneath there. Bring your hand under, to cut my head off. Okay. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to relax here, just kind of save my neck, and as he goes to fall, now his arm is moving. So now I’m going to reach and be able to sneak my head out. Okay? Sometimes that’s not enough though. So he falls and go to reach, I’m going, and this tension’s built up, okay? Now I’m going to let go. I’m going to grab that lapel he’s holding. I’m going to pop that. Now I’m free.

If I grab it too soon, there’s not enough tension, so I have to wait until the tension’s built. So I’m acting like I’m trying to escape. He goes for the choke. This tension is building on this lapel. Now I’ll reach for that and pop it out of his grip. Get to safety. All right. I hope you get to escape some more and live to fight another day. That’s the tip for the week.

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