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Jiu Jitsu Coach Shows Rolling Back Take from Three Quarter Mount

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After trying out some rolling back takes, Jamarr has been having trouble properly performing the technique, so he gets some private instruction from Jiu Jitsu Coach Ryan Fortin. Ryan breaks things down and shows him a great set up from the three quarter mount. This can be used while training Gi or No Gi.


Jamarr Coleman: Hey, what’s up, everybody? This is Jamarr from The Arena, and I am here with The Rattlesnake, Ryan Fortin, one of our Jiu Jitsu coaches here. And I got a question for you. I know we were working on the rolling back take, and I try it, and I’m like a damn ostrich. I’m hitting my head smack into the ground. How do I make this rolling back take smooth? Coach Ryan Fortin: Definitely, definitely. I see this a lot. A lot of people have this problem, right? So let’s get into position. Jamarr Coleman: Okay. Coach Ryan Fortin: We’ll go ahead and start in the three-quarter mount, right? So go ahead and take mount. Jamarr Coleman: Okay. Coach Ryan Fortin: And then the guy’s got your ankle, okay? So a lot of times, right, probably what you’re doing is you’re trying to roll right from here, right? Jamarr Coleman: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, for sure. I’m sitting up here, and I’m literally looking like an ostrich. Coach Ryan Fortin: So the problem is that there’s too much in the way, so just try walking with your hands more towards my feet. Jamarr Coleman: Oh, okay. Coach Ryan Fortin: Yeah, now you’re creating a stronger leverage. Now when you roll, my hips are a lot lighter, right? It’s much easier for you to clear that space, and make your rolling back take easier. Jamarr Coleman: Hey, and there you have it, the move of the week.

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