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Jiu Jitsu Tip to Help Finish Your Half Guard Sweep

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In this video Jiu Jitsu and Submission Grappling Coach Ryan Fortin shows a small but important detail that can help you be more successful with your half guard sweeps.


Coach Ryan Fortin:

How’s it going everybody? Coach Ryan Fortin here with The Arena with your Tip of the Week. I’m going to show you a little detail I like to do to help make a half guard sweep a little bit more successful.


I’ve got my guy here, right? I’ve got him in the lockdown. I’ve whipped him up. I pushed him to the side. I’m holding around around him. He’s got the whizzer. Okay, and he’s spread this knee out. Yeah, okay.


So we’re looking to go for the sweep here. I’m grabbing the foot and pulling it through. The downfall that I see a lot of people is when they reached through, they just grabbed the ankle here. Okay, but the guy has got the ability to kick his leg free. Now even though there’s stuff that we can go to from that to make this a little bit more successful, right? What all I want to do is once I reach through this hole here, I’m going to slide down and cover up his toes. Notice like actually covering the toenails.


Now look, when he tries to kick his leg free, he can’t. Makes it that much easier for me to start pulling this foot through the hole, sinking his hip to the mat, coming up and finishing my sweep. So just make sure cover up those toes. Hope that helps.

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