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Mikael Yahaya Training for No Gi Worlds at The Arena

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Listen to what elite grappler/ Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Mikael Yahaya has to say about training here at The Arena Gym during his journey from Australia to compete at this IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu No Gi Championship.


Mikael Yahaya:
My name is Mikael Yahaya and I train out of Absolute MMA Australia. I first came to San Diego two and a half years ago for the No-Gi worlds and we came here and trained twice a day for the calm. The people here are so nice and generous that they said when I’m back next just hit them up and I’ve a bedroom to stay in, which is great. This is my fourth time being back and I’m excited to compete at the No-Gi Worlds too.

I think it’s really amazing that the arena hosts the Gi Worlds camp as well as the No Gi Worlds camp, the free training. It really helps all the people that have traveled so far and spent thousands of dollars. To one get here and a shot at winning a world championship, it’s nice to feel welcomed. And it’s nice to feel like I have smart training partners and good training partners to train with while I am here.

I really respect the people at the arena here, especially Barrett cause he’s like, he’s the man, you know? True modern day warrior. Once he gets his hands together around something, it’s almost impossible to get rid of it. So I’m always just constantly fighting the hands. It’s a slow death, really, but ultimately it’s a really fun role. It’s inspirational to see him throwing the math kicking ass. Really. It’s really motivating in that sense.

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