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Mike Perez and Michael Liera Jr. Exchanging Jiu Jitsu Knowledge

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High level Jiu Jitsu competitors and Black Belts like Mike Perez and Michael Liera Jr. can have these great exchanges of information and help each other further understand the language of each other’s grappling styles. Always a pleasure to have such great talent in the gym.


Mike Perez:
Master B saw me doing this one. Where we’ll be in little positions, like that, I’ll put a little hip, just to make him post, then I’ll launch into the triangle. It’s actually really low risk, but it works. Think about it: all you need is a whizzer, if you get a nice little hip. Not even an Uchi Mata, it’s hips. Then he’ll post, and then pull up the whizzer and go to the head. Yeah, just like that. That’s a great move.

So, let’s say a guy’s trying to body-lock me. I might get in here, hip in, they have to post, then I go to the collar, right there.

So then, as I land, I’ll be pulling on your head, avoiding the blow.

So, let’s say I go for a single, and you go to hip throw me.

Yeah, just like that. That’s a viral one.

Let’s say you’re on top of me. You’re passing my guard, this guy’s coming up… Come up for a single, and you’re stalling, get that hook under me.

It can win you matches, especially when a guy is really trying to come up. I land the most with guys who are trying to come up from the bottom.

All I’m going to do is post here.

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