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The Hardest Part of Martial Arts Can Be Deciding to Start

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Sometimes the hardest part of deciding to make Martial Arts part of your life is starting. It’s intimidating, and it’s difficult to come in every day and feel like you suck. The thing to remember for new people (and sometimes older people that may not remember) is that we all sucked at one time. If you keep showing up the bonds you build training in combat sports are unlike anything else in the world. It’s a long journey, take the first step and just keep going.


Francisco De La Cruz:
Honestly, I forgot how long. I think it’s been four years, maybe a little over. I just came here, and I tried all the classes, and I didn’t used to come that often because I was scared. When you’re starting, you’re like, “Man, I go there and I suck.” When I first started coming, I think it’s just like, you don’t know anybody, and you feel like an outsider. And then when you start getting to know people and integrated into the group, and then you’re like, “All right. Cool. I’m part of this now.”

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