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What is it Like Starting Jiu Jitsu at 50?

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Member Testimonial from Arena Jiu Jitsu student Bill Harris. These types of stories mean the world to us as a gym. When you’re 55 and still have the ability to get in there and mix it up it will keep you feeling young and empowered. The sitting in the car talking yourself into training will resonate with lots of people! This martial arts journey is a marathon not a sprint, train for life.


Bill Harris:

My name is Bill Harris. I’m 55 years old. I’ve been coming to The Arena for about five years. And I thought about coming to a gym like this, but I was afraid to. And it was mostly like the fear of not knowing what to do and being embarrassed.

Bill Harris:
But one day, I just decided to walk in and check it out. I was greeted with some reassurance, so I signed up and started doing some Gi classes. Being older, you know I don’t have the stamina a lot of these guys do. I don’t have the strength a lot of these guys do, but I just keep coming back.

Bill Harris:
A lot of time when I first started coming, I was sitting in the parking lot and I’d have to talk myself into coming into the gym. Some days I still have to do that, but it’s like the more you do, the easier it is, and the more people you meet, the easier it is.

Bill Harris:
Everybody’s really cool and helpful, and everybody just comes here for basically the same reasons, for them to better themselves. And it’s a nice place to go.

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