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What Do I Need To Know To Start Jiu Jitsu?

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For Arena members considering starting Jiu Jitsu, it is important that you have the right information before beginning your training. This article will go over the different classes available to you as a beginner, and the gear you should purchase for each one. 

Beginner Classes

Gi Fundamentals:

If you’ve never taken a Jiu Jitsu class before or if you are looking to expand your knowledge of the basics of Jiu Jitsu, then you’re going to want to start with our fundamentals classes. The gi fundamentals class at 4:30pm with coach Bryan Guerrero is an excellent place to start. The class is mostly made up of white and blue belts and the curriculum features a range of introductory to more advanced techniques. Keep in mind you will need a white gi if you would like to participate in this class. 

No Gi Fundamentals: 

The no gi fundamentals class at 5:30pm is another good option for those newer to Jiu Jitsu who are looking to learn no gi. The class is taught by Baret Yoshida, The Arena’s head Jiu Jistu instructor. You should plan on purchasing a rash guard and a pair of grappling shorts if you would like to participate in this class. 


Baret Submissions Gi: 

For our gi fundamentals class, you will need a white gi. The pro shop at the front desk has Baret Submissions gis available for purchase. If you are unsure what size gi you will need, the front desk will be able to help you out. 

Beret Submissions Rashguard: 

For no gi, you are going to want to purchase a rashguard. In the absence of a gi, rashguards will help you protect your skin from burns and scrapes, as well as soak up excess sweat. 

Grappling Shorts: 

Another no gi essential, grappling shorts are specifically made for no gi jiu jitsu. These shorts are designed for the movements and techniques of jiu jitsu. Furthermore, these shorts will not slide down easily when grabbed or pulled. 


Regardless of if you are training gi or no gi, you should seriously consider purchasing a mouthguard, especially if you plan on rolling on Fridays. Mouthguards will help protect your teeth during high intensity training sessions.

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