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Coach Vince Teaches Solid Kickboxing Fundamentals

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The details are what make the difference. Our classes and fighter development are always focused on the finer points. Get an inside look on how Coach Vince teaches his Kickboxing class every day.


Coach Vince Salvador:
Now I do the same thing with the cross. I shoot across the center line. My left foot moves me off the center line. But remember I got to keep his right hand occupied with the jab. As soon as I throw this, I move. Now I’m here. Same combination. So all I’m using is my right hand now, instead of my lead hand, which if it got me there a couple of times, but he’s figuring it out. So I start putting two behind it. Now use that to the body. I can kick or add the combination. Just use a two now. Right? Let’s go.

So a lot of that shoulder snap is where the speed comes from. If I go here, you’ll see a lot of guys go arm punches from here. Too slow. But if I’m here, none of my shoulders snaps. I can go right back to that again. It’s all off that. How I chamber the power in there, yeah? That’s why you see a lot of boxers, when they shadow box, that’s super important.

Yeah, because they can’t generate enough power this close without it.

Okay. Look, you feel like you could hit me here, but the range is not good. A lot of guys will hit me in the shoulder. But now all was just a small adjustment on my feet. You don’t have any range. It doesn’t take much. All it is is just adjusting my feet. I’m here. If I get you to move backwards, I know every feint is going to be one step away from me getting there. Because every feint you bite on, which I can do exact same thing. Just set it up with a feint. I get a lot of guys who are scared and go, we’re already there. Just from a faint, right? Sometimes you just got to hit him a few times.

Use my feints. Right? He’s already afraid if he’s backing up, he’s against the cage. Yeah. He has his right hand. He’ll throw it. But you got to poke at it first. I’m here, I’ll faint. You’ll see what he has. You throw the right hand.

Get the timing down, right? Let’s go, grab your partner.

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