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Entries and Exits for Striking Combinations

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Having effective striking combinations is about more than combining punches and kicks. In this tip Coach Vince Salvador covers some effective ways to enter striking range, throw your combinations and then exit range. These techniques can be applied to Kickboxing or MMA.


Coach Vince Salvador:
So we’re entering with our hands, right? Because I can’t answer from here. We can answer with kicks, but that’s not really good. I don’t like to just throw this and then get hit to answer something. Right? I’m using my double jab to get close to my target. And when I do that, he has nowhere else to go. So I’m cutting the distance. Right? I’m here, if I finish my combination, now he comes forward, I exit out. Look for a counter, and I’m not just, we’re going to wait for him. I don’t want to go here, and he comes forward. Now I get taken down, whatever, right? So entries and exits. An exit is me getting out after I’ve already made my combination. So if I stay here and I throw a combination, he throws one back, he’s going to hit me.

So the rule is after I make my … after I cut this distance with my jabs, right, and then I set my combination down. I don’t stay here, I’m going to use an exit. The first exit is out 45 so I don’t get hit by the right hand. So when I kick here, when he comes forward, I’m just going to find my angle by stepping out 45, looking for shots on this, from this angle and finishing the kick. All right?

When I’m using my hands, I’m using my hands to get close to the target. Just through a combination. That doesn’t mean I can’t kick, right? But when I do kick, there’s other ways that I can exit. So if I get close to my target here and I want to exit by making more space, watch what I do with my kick. I’m going to kick and step further behind me. So if he comes forward, he’s going to run into punches again, right? So this is just another exit. I can exit straight back and then out 45. Right? I can exit with a lot of other, with footwork. So if I kick him and he comes forward, I can move my feet and get out of the way.

There’s other ways to exit, but the most fundamental way to move is to make sure that I’m moving away from the power. So when I kick and I step back, I don’t want to be in range for that shot.

What we’re doing is creating distance so that I have an exit plan. So if I don’t decide to counter from there, I can just bail, right? So if he kicks me, and he steps behind, and I move forward, he just wants to move out, it gives him space and time to move out. So what I mean by that is, if I come in, if I’m cutting the distance with my punches, and I throw the kick and he decided to come forward, I can move out of the way. Right? Because I gave my self space.

So what we’re doing is we’re taking that kick, we’re bringing it back further than it was. Don’t put it back where you were, you’re going to trip yourself up. So I kicked back behind me and that gives me an open stance. And what I need to do next is bring this foot back to here so that I have distance between us. So if he’s coming straight forward, he’s going to get hit with shots. All right?

So one more time. I’m going to double jab to my target to get to the target. Right? Once I’m at my target, that sets up my kick, my kick steps behind so he comes forward. Then I finish with the combination again. So I’m entering and I’m exiting. So one more time, I’m going to double jab forward. Throw a low kick, he comes forward. Finish with the combination. Let’s try it a little bit.

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