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Hip Rotation Mobility Drill to Improve Your Kicking

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MMA Coach Charles Martinez has good drill you can do at home simply by propping your leg up on a piece of furniture. This will help train your hip rotation and mobility so you can throw better kicks in MMA, Kickboxing and Muay Thai.


Coach Charles Martinez:
Hey guys, this is Coach Chuck from The Arena. During this difficult time, we’re forced to be closed. We want to provide you with some content, simple drills you can do at home to still work on your technique. So here’s a simple drill to work on. Basically, hip mobility and rotation for basic kicking is as simple as it gets here, right? You can use anything in your house, couch, chair, anything that’s, doesn’t have to be that high, most of us can’t kick that high anyway.

So, simple. Raise your leg up. Now my shin now is pointing straight up in the sky. My hip is flexed. There’s no rotation in my hip. If I don’t move my support leg, I can’t rotate my hip. All the translation of rotation goes to my knee. So my foot needs to move. In order to rotate my hip, I have to move my foot.

It turns my hip, it turns my shoulder. So a simple way to work on this is to be straight, hands up. And then as I rotate my hip, my hands go out and my hip rotates. My shoulder rotates, my hand comes out, sits back down, point of rotation, point of center of gravity, the ball of the foot through the top of the head. All right. I rotate my foot. I’m good. I’m balanced. Any way that I lean my head here, it’s going to be the failure of balance here. All right, so my head is over my center of gravity. My hand’s up, my hand’s out, my foot is rotated. My hip is rotated, my shoulder’s rotated. I’m looking down at the target. Just an easy way to work this hip flexibility and mobility and balance to work on your kick mechanics. Simple drill you can do at home.

Stay tuned. We’ll be providing content daily between all the different martial arts. We’ll try and give you different things to work on at home. Thank you for your continued support and hope to see you soon.

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