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How to Close Distance in Kickboxing and MMA

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There are many ways to close distance in Kickboxing and MMA, and in this Tip of the Week, Coach Vince Salvador shows how you can do it by shifting your stance before attacking.


Coach Vince Salvador:
Hey, how’s it going? I’m Coach Vince, this is your kickboxing tip of the week. A lot of times when you’re in a fight or sparring, range is the biggest issue here. If he moves back too far and I start throwing punches here, I’ll be out of range and I’ll open myself up for shots. If I start reaching my body, he’ll end up hitting me.

A good way to cover the distance, especially when they move back really far like in MMA is to shift my whole body onto the outside of his foot so that I can get to this side of his whole body here. A lot of times in kickboxing, I can use that to set up the kick. From inside, he steps back, I shift to the inside, I can use this to set up my kicks. If it’s MMA, I can use this to set up a take down. He steps back, I shift, looking for the shot. If I just want to punch and it’s in a rule set where I can only punch, he steps back, I can shift into my other combinations. Then I can set up body shots, different things.

Shifting to cover distance. That’s your tip of the week.

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