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How to Set Up an Inside Leg Kick

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If you’ve ever had trouble landing your inside leg kicks in Kickboxing, Muay Thai or MMA, Coach Vince Salvador might have the answer to your problem. In this tip he shows how to use your jab to create angles that will help you place those inside leg kicks accurately.


Jamarr Coleman:
Hey what’s up everybody? This is Jamarr from The Arena. I’m here with striking coach Vince Salvador. Coach I got a question, every time I throw an inside leg kick I end up hitting this guy’s knee. How do you prevent that from happening? How do you setup your inside leg kick?

Coach Vince Salvador:
Okay. First thing’s first is I need an angle. If I don’t have an angle on that inside leg kick, and I’m kicking from the same point of angle as you have, you could do the exact same thing to me. You can check me back, so what I want to do is I want to get an angle. A good angle is away from the power.

I could either get to this position here where it’s easy for me to land a leg kick or I could get him to move for me to create the angle. So when I do that I’m going to use my jab to move him with my hands. When he starts moving away I can time that. When I time it it’s easy to go off my jab to the inside leg kick. When I set that up it’s hard for him to check because he’s moving and that’s what makes it easier for me to land. I have a lot higher success rate when I go to the inside leg, so it’s one of the best setups that I could use to set up the right hand. So it’s easy for me to get him to go this way with my jab to avoid the right hand. Set up the right hand from there. It’s a lot easier to do when you have the guy moving and you have a better angle.

Jamarr Coleman:
And there you have it, tip of the week. 

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