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How to Safely Slip a Punch in Kickboxing

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Slipping punches is a skill you’ll need to learn for both Boxing and Kickboxing, but they must be used differently because of their different rule sets. This week Coach Vince Salvador shows you can slip a punch in Kickboxing and protect yourself from any kicks that might be coming your way after the punch.


Coach Vince Salvador:
I’m coach Vince. This is Jeff Creighton. And today we’re doing a kickboxing tip of the week. Usually in boxing when you slip a punch, you can use a lot of head movement where you’re not really moving your feet and bending at the hips. And there’s nothing wrong with that. In boxing, you can set up a lot of counter shots from there. Upper cuts, so you can come over the top. And it’s a good viable counter and defense for boxing. In kickboxing, a lot of times if I try to, when Jeff throws his jab and I slip my head out here and he throws the kick on that same side, he can kick me in the head. If he’s taller than me, he could throw the knee, and it’s going to put me in a lot of bad positions for kickboxing.

And so in kickboxing, when I slip, I’m going to use my back foot more than anything to get me out of range, and out of position. And it also sets up shots here. You can also set up kicks from that same position, from the right or the left, that doesn’t really matter. But when he kicked, what we’re doing kickboxing is moving our feet so that our head comes off that center line to not only our upper body, but our lower body. So when we move our feet, it keeps us out of range. And it also sets up range for longer weapons. Left kick after. And that’s your kickboxing tip of the week.

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